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About Us

We're the first law firm in the United States to focus exclusively on Amazon worker accidents and injuries.

Our lawyers are the go-to source on gig worker-related issues, serving hundreds of clients, and securing millions of dollars for injured drivers and Amazon workers.


We fight for Amazon factory workers and drivers. If you're injured on the job, our attorneys will demand full compensation, including money for your medical expenses, lost wages, disability and more.

Remember, not every injury is caused by one single event. Slips and falls, motor vehicle crashes and other traumas can certainly result in compensable injuries. Similarly, some injuries are caused by the repetitive nature of the work (constant pounding, bending, twisting, etc.).

If you're injured, contact our lawyers immediately for a free case evaluation and consultation.


We've put millions of dollars into our clients' pockets. Driver, passenger, or victim, our teams works to ensure the best possible outcome.

Property Damage

In a wreck? Unclear how to handle the insurance claims process, or even which insurance company to call? Our attorneys provide the information you need to get moving.

Wage Loss

An Amazon worker who cannot work is a worker who cannot earn. Our attorneys help ensure clients recover every penny of lost income after a crash.


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